Electronic Commodities and Derivatives Financial Exchange

Welcome to 100% Transparency Standards represented by CAUFEX S.M.A.R.T. HUBECN
with Equal Right Opportunity infrastructure for all Institutional and Individual Members



Time Instrument Side Amount Price


S.M.A.R.T. - Standardized Market Access & Real-time Transparency

- Fastest BBO, Order Matching, FIX Engines & WEB Server, all programmed in a generic “C” language
- Deep & advanced Order Book-in-Book FIX API allows order routing to the Best & Specific Liquidity Sources
- Pre-built Market Making (MMT) & High Frequency (HFT) Trading capabilities
- Customizable White Label (WL), Liquidity & ALGO trading solutions
- FX, Commodities, Derivatives & Crypto EXCHANGE turn-key operation
- High Speed Best Bid & Offer (BBO), Multi Liquidity & STP order processing capabilities
- MT4 Server & FIX Bridge solutions
- MT4 based FX ECN & Crypto Exchange solutions

Safety of Clients Funds:

- Segregated Accounts provided by CAUFEX Prime Clearing Members
- Three Partir Marginal Custodial Agreement available

Fair and Transparent Market

FX, Commodities, Derivatives and Crypto products

S.M.A.R.T. HUBECN is built by the group of Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions, technology, analytical and law firms setting the Bar for FX Industry Standards at 100% transparency level. Unlike other main FX facilities S.M.A.R.T. HUBECN represents a Fair and Transparent Centralized Electronic HUB with the Equal Right Opportunity infrastructure for all Institutional and Individual Members. HUBECN Liquidity core, besides matching member orders, is also backed up by initially connected to its decentralized FX Over-The-Counter (OTC) Global Marketplace.
Real - time Auditable transactions allow Institutional and Individual Members watching their Limit Orders in "Open Order Book" and Filled Orders in "Open Trade View".

System Overview

The fact that S.M.A.R.T. HUBECN™, same as UNIX, Linux, Windows, Apple operating systems is written in a generic "C" program language, simply makes it NATIVE & UNIQUE in FX, Commodities, Derivatives & Crypto markets. It sets the Bar for the industry Real-time Exchange, Brokerage, Risk Management and Algo type trading systems at the STANDARDIZED Industry Level insuring the Highest Speed, Lowest Latency, High Scalability, Availability, Reliability and Security. Main Core components include: a) Best Bid & Offer (BBO) Engine; b) Order Matching & Processing Engine; c) BBO FIX Engine with FIX API; d) Web Server.
Built-in BBO WEB Server allows using browser-based Risk Management GUI & Client Terminal GUI on any device on any type of the operating system having a browser; this includes smart phones.

Terminal Overview

S.M.A.R.T. HUBECN™ Market Maker is mostly used by FIX and Java Script (JS) API Institutional and Individual Users for ALGO & Manual trading. It contains:
- FIX & JS API connectivity credentials, instructions and examples;
- Customizable "Look and Fill" setting capabilities for different devices including Smart Phones;
- JS programmable EZ Language capabilities;
- Depth of the Order Book;
- MARKET, LIMIT & FOK orders are supported.

To try 24 hour "GUEST PASS" DEMO account click on DEMO button below following simple steps:
- In Username space input word: "guest", click "Login" and You will get a "Welcome Guest" note with your temporary Login and Password
- Enter Login & Password to corresponding fields and click "Login"
- You can choose BBO JavaScript API tutorial or BBO FIX Connection API Documentation by Clicking on "Help" in a top horizontal Menu.

It stays active only if You re-login within 24 hours.

Institutional & Individual Membership

CAUFEX Members can be any financial institutions, private entities, public enterprises, cooperatives or individuals that meet the membership requirements.
Clearing Members include: Prime Clearing Member (PCM), Clearing Member (CM), Clearing Broker (CB), Exchange Pool Operator (EPO)
Non-Clearing Members include: Non-Clearing Broker (NCB), Exchange Trading Advisor (ETA), Associated Person (AP), Currency/Commodity Corporate Trader (CCT), Individual Member (IM)

What we do

Besides offering 100% Transparency Standards represented by CAUFEX S.M.A.R.T. HUBECN with Equal Right Opportunity Infrastructure offered to all Institutional and Individual Members, JSC CAUFEX is offering all turn-key Liquidity, Operational & Technology solutions to all Institutional and Individual Members.

Low Budget FX Broker Solution!

FX Firms Welcome:

1.Pre-launch Order

2.Customized Broker

3.Dedicated BBO Engine

4.Risk-Management A/B/C (A & B) Books

5.Unique Deep Liquidity

6.Customized Liquidity

7.MT4 FIX Bridge

0% programming required to Own Your FX & Crypto ECN!

Build your Own FX & Bitcoin ECN

1.You have LP Accounts w/multiple LPs & APIs open Enter API info into fields online & Your ECN is ready!

2.You don’t have LP Accounts

a. Choose LPs from the list

b. Open accounts with LPs

c. Obtain FIX API credentials

d. Enter API info online & Your ECN is ready!

Unique Tools for MT4 Server

Take advantage of Exchange Low Cost MT4 Solution

1.Official MT4 White Label Registered under your Entity Name Includes:

a. MT4 FIX Bridge w/Limit Order Routing Capabilities

b. BBO Risk Management with real-time LP connectivity management capabilities

c. Pre-build Deep Liquidity

d. Add Customized Liquidity

2.Exchange Franchise CFX ECN White Label


a. MT4 FIX Bridge w/Limit Order Routing Capabilities

b. BBO Risk Management with real-time LP connectivity management capabilities

c. Pre-build Deep Liquidity

Your Gateway to Unique Liquidity!

Take advantage of Exchange Electronic Liquidity HUBs

1.Best Bid & Offer BBO Engine

2.Limit Orders routed to BBO

3.Order Matching Engine

4.Premier customized turn-key

5.Customized liquidity solution Available in accordance to Customer’s business model

6.Low Cost additional FIX API Connectivity AVAILABLE!

Request to Own Your Exchange

Low Cost Exchange Solution

1.Types of Exchanges to Order:

a. Commodities Exchange

b. Derivatives Exchange

c. Foreign Exchange

d. Crypto BTC Exchange

2.Simplest Order Process:

a. Compile Your Idea

b. Prepare your Business Model

c. Order a Free Consultation

d. Execute an NDA

e. Supply with Paperwork including Tradable Instrument Specs

Setting Up Your Own Exchange

1. We’ll prepare the Agreement

2. From this point Minimum time of 72 hours is required for allocating hosting facility, Infrastructure, setting up your tradable Instruments & QA testing

3. We’ll launch Pilot/Test Instance after the initial deposit is made

4. We’ll launch Production version after you accept Pilot Instance


CFX Clearing System

Our specific Customized Clearing Services are open to all CAUFEX Institutional and Individual Members including Exchanges, Market Makers, Liquidity Providers, Brokers, Hedge Funds, Proprietary High-Frequency Electronic Trading Firms, Investment Firms and Developers.

Our Clients enjoy a combination of both parts of CAUFEX CFX HUBECN Clearing:
   a. Exchange Order Matching and
   b. Electronic Currency Network (ECN) Direct Market Access (DMA) execution

We operate specific CAUFEX FX Ultra-Low Latency Order Matching and Routing Engine- HUB ECN, offering greater efficiencies and unprecedented order execution speed via professional high-frequency trading facility with an unprecedented order execution speed.

CFX Clearing & Order Management

CAUFEX marketplace is available through our CFX HUBECN Clear, CFX HUECN Connect Graphical User Interface (GUI) and FIX Engine Gateway & FIX 4.4 Application Programming Interface (API).

Both, CFX HUBECN Clear, CFX HUECN Connect trading interfaces display a depth-of-book with live prices and associated quantities as well as the number of Banking and Non-banking Clearing Sources and Member/ Clients who comprise the Bid and Offer quantity at each price level. This live display provides benefits to traders over the prevalent Best Bid/Offer display found on most FX platforms. CFX HUBECN trading Terminals with constant refinements revolutionize the FX Market by offering PURE TRANSPARENCY of Direct Market Access to the Real Exchange and DMA Facility.

FIX API offers All-in-one Book-in-Book Order Book Depth with separate Pricing and Order management capabilities provided by each Liquidity Source with its own Order Book, when FIX API Developers and Traders can manage their trading options of all and separate LPs via the same FIX API.


Exchange-Specific Rules for CAUFEX

Joint Stock Company CAUFEX (Caucasus Financial Exchange) is registered (Registration # 206 340 663) as an independent Exchange, with self-regulatory responsibilities and maintains its own set of Rules. To provide a common regulatory framework for market users, the Rulebook has been substantially harmonized, making the rules parallel in structure, numbering, and language where possible. Please note that the rules in the CAUFEX Rulebook are applicable to all CAUFEX Prime Clearing Members.

CAUFEX, the Caucasus Regional Electronic Financial Exchange, based on using best worldwide well-known independent self-regulated Exchanges, such as CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX (See Self Regulated Organisations) infrastructure practices, is positioned primarily to provide 100% infrastructure in the field of Foreign Exchange (FX) and Derivatives (CFDs) Market.

CAUFEX Exchange Money Transfer & Exchange Facility (MTEF)

CAUFEX, in addition to our current Exchange Trading Platform is seeking to receive Money Transmit Execution Facility (MTEF) registration in June of 2016 to allow its Institutional and Individual Members making electronic direct deposits to their accounts and exchanging Government Regulated Fiat Currencies between themselves.

AML & KYC Requirments and Procedures

JSC CAUFEX, in order to comply with all norms and requirements of the Law of Georgia on Facilitating the Prevention of Illicit Income Legalization and this Regulation, has implemented the AML/KYC procedures and is carrying out such practice according to the requirements of FMS (Financial Monitoring Service) of Georgia (www.fms.gov.ge).

CAUFEX is obligated to keep safe any information submitted by Members/Clients electronically, through the web portal electronic form (online form).

CAUFEX shall strictly observe confidentiality of information related to online form completion and submission to the Service. In the event of revealing suspicious operation (transaction), CAUFEX shall be obligated to identify and indicate grounds of suspicion and to focus special attention on other operations (transactions), implemented by persons involved in this particular operation (transaction).

Message from the CEO

Thanks to the commitment of the Government of Georgia, the CFX team, Members of CAUFEX Exchange, and our collaborators. CAUFEX now can become a global success story. Founded in 2009, the self-regulated CAUFEX Exchange is authorized to be governed by the Board of Directors and ruled by the Rule Book of the Exchange.